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Best Bitcoin Wallets 2022 (Cold wallet)

If you are in need of a wallet to store cryptocurrency we recommend cold wallets (A offline wallet) these types of wallets are best for long term storage of crypto and recommended if you are going to use your crypto for purchases and casino. IMPORTANT: when you create a cold wallet you get a recovery key of 12-24 words depending on wallet, write it down or print the key then keep it in a safe place, if you loose it and your hard drive crashes your crypto is gone.

Best crypto wallets wallets

Atomic Wallet

We tend to recommend this wallet to people new to crypto its easy to use and supports over 300+ different cryptocurrencies and since mid 2022 they also support Solana based NFTs. Atom wallet also has a built in crypto swapping service, meaning you can swap between any currencies you want for a small fee.

  • Supports over 300+ alt-coins
  • Supports Solana NFTs
  • Cold wallet (Offline storage of your crypto)
  • Anonymous wallet, no personal information required