How to earn Bitcoin playing crypto dice

Did you know that you can multiply your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by playing a simple dice game there are many different venues that offers crypto dice games such as faucets and crypto casinos. If you’re looking for a way to add a little excitement to your casino gaming experience, you may want to consider playing Bitcoin dice. This new form of gambling is growing in popularity as it offers an interesting alternative to traditional casino games.

How-to play Bitcoin Dice

First, you’ll need to acquire some Bitcoin, you can buy them online or from a Bitcoin exchange. Once you have your Bitcoins, the next step is to find an online casino that offers them as a bonus option any of the Bitcoin Dice sites listed on our website is a solid a choice. We recommend exploring different crypto casinos since every crypto casino has their own in-house variant of the dice game a fun game with simple rules.

3 different ways to play crypto dice

  • Manual Dice
  • Playing manual dice is fairly straight forward, when playing the dice game all you do is input you desired win percentage that also determine the multiplier and roll the dice, depending on the outcome you either win or loose

  • Auto Dice
  • Auto dice is a little more advanced and allows you to play automatically, with auto dice you get settings such as stop on loss, raise on win or loss, and a maximum loss limit meaning you can try out different strategies with using the stop functions as a safety net to not loose all your crypto in on go. This is a great way for regular players to try casually play and learn the fundamentals of the crypto dice game.

  • Scrip Dice
  • Script dice is a more advanced version of auto dice letting you control every aspect of the dice game with advanced instructions, there are many different variations and scripts used for playing dice if you are interested in dice strategies you can always check out the IdleBTC Youtube channel for different dice strategies

House edge

What makes crypto dice games more attractive in comparison to slots and other casino games is the low house edge. The number differs between different online dice gambling sites but is in most cases between 1% – 2%. Some casinos that focus soley on in-house crypto games offers you a lower house-edge depending on how much you wagered, because of this you can even get under 1% in some rare cases.

Jackpots on Bitcoin Dice

Many BTC dice games has a progressive jackpot systems giving you the chance to win enormous amounts of crypto. Some of the current top Crypto Dice jackpots are over 2 BTC. Frequent players have a good chance of winning, since the minimum bet on crypto dice games is so low you can often leave it auto playing indefinitely.

Because there are so many variations on this game the way to win the jackpots differ for every casino, in this example we will use Betfury casino to win the jackpot on this site your dice rolls have to hit the first digit 5 eight times in a row.

Once you’ve found a casino that offers Bitcoin dice, it’s time to get started! First, choose one of the trusted Bitcoin casinos listed below. Sign up make a Bitcoin deposit and start playing!

Provably fair dice games

Bitcoin casino sites should always provide clear descriptions of their fair play policies, Bitcoin dice games should in essence be fair. A online gambling venue should never be able to shape or manipulate the outcome of any randomly generated dice roll for a casino player.

Almost every reputable crypto casino operator prove the in-house dice games fairness by using cryptographic hashes. You might ask yourself what this means in simple terms every time a bet/dice roll is made on the dice site a unique pair of user and server addresses are assigned to it allowing players to check that the outcome was random afterwards. All rolls are then recorded in a blockchain that is readily available to the public where you can make sure no funny business was going on and no one messed with your rolls ensuring a fair game.

Best Bitcoin dice strategy

Bitcoin dice is gambling no matter how you look at it even tough you can reduce your losses in the long term you are bound to loose, the nice thing about dice is that you can have much more control over your wins/losses meaning if you play carefully you will always end up or slightly down. And in cases of extreme luck you might even hit a jackpot the best part is that most BTC jackpots has no minimum bet limit meaning you can bet the minimum amount of 0.00000001 Satoshi and win over 2 Bitcoin.

As mentioned below in-house dice is perfect for wagering, this is the perfect game to play on casinos that offers in-house crypto tokens that you can farm by simply playing casino games. These tokens are staked after you earn them giving you free crypto rewards every single day, if you want to know more about Bitcoin casino staking and dividends click here. When farming tokens winning is not the biggest focus but simply keeping a long winning streak while loosing as little as possible, the longer you can farm the more passive Bitcoin you will earn.

There are multiple strategies for the game the most commonly used is different variations of the martingale system.

  • High multiplier dice strategy
  • The higher the multiplier the lower the win chance this means you will have a long loose streak before you eventually win. A common ratio for this strategy is 4% win chance giving you a multi of 24.5x your bet and a increase on loss of 5%

  • Martingale Dice
  • This is a common strategy that was conceptualized for roulette, the concept is simple every time you loose you double your bet until you win. We do not recommend using this strategy when playing with small amounts of BTC or other high value cryptocurrencies since the chance of a long losing streak is high.

  • D’Alembert dice strategy
  • This is a quite straightforward strategy, after every bet you increase your bet with 1x meaning if you bet 1 and loose you bet 2 and if you keep loosing you bet 3 and so on, after you win 2 times so you are in profit and then simply start over again from 1. We have had mixed success with this dice strategy.

Dice deposit bonuses

Dice is a great game for wagering money, this makes a large casino deposit bonus ideal for dice games. Every bet made on BTC dice games counts towards the wager and having a bigger balance allows you to try out bolder dice strategies. Crypto bonuses tends to have quite good terms with wager requirements between 15x – 30x the deposit.

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Online dice games FAQ

  • Can Dice be played with other cryptocurrencies?
  • Yes! even tough the game is often called Bitcoin dice it can be played with any cryptocurrency of your choice if it’s available on the casino many players choose to play with popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Shiba Inu and Tron (TRX) among other alt-coins.

  • How long is the withdrawal time from crypto dice casinos?
  • Almost every crypto casino site offers instant withdrawal, in some cases it can take slightly longer but we have never experienced more than a day of pending time on a crypto withdrawal.

  • How long does it take to deposit on a dice site?
  • All dice sites have instant deposits, the only thing you need to wait for is the transfer time on the blockchain