How to earn Bitcoin watching videos

How to earn Bitcoin Watching Videos

Did you know that you can earn Bitcoin by watching videos, not only is this a fun way to spend time but a great way to earn some extra crypto without any effort at all. Now you might ask yourself how does it work can i really get paid paid for just watching videos?

The answer is a definitive yes! it’s quite simple you get paid in coins for each video and advertisement you watch, choose from a large number of videos and categories pick something that you fancy. After you have watched enough videos you can easily convert the earned coins to cryptocurrency and withdraw it to your Bitcoin wallet.

The advantages of watching videos for Bitcoin

On IdleBTC we love passive income and it does not get more passive than watching videos, the sites will sometimes throw you a captcha so we would count btc videos as a semi passive source of income.

Where can i watch videos and earn Bitcoin ?

There are a couple of different sites that allows you to watch videos to earn Bitcoin IdleBTC has of course picked out the best ones with highest payout. Most of them offers payouts in different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin among others.

Check out one of our favorite sites for earning Bitcoin from watching videos or check out all sites that offers Bitcoin for watching videos

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