How to earn Bitcoin without mining

How to earn Bitcoin without mining

Did you think mining was the only way to earn cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, IdleBTC has all the best alternative ways to earn Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and many other popular cryptocurrencies. This how-to goes trough all the different ways you can go about earning crypto while having fun. Even tough some of them are passive most of them require a little effort on your part.

Multiple ways to earn bitcoin and crypto

There are multiple ways to quickly earn cryptocurrency without mining in this how-to we will go trough all the best and most fun ways to earn Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency without mining

We will mainly focus on 4 different ways to earn crypto

Earning Bitcoin from surveys and offerwalls with various tasks

Bitcoin surveys is the quickest way to earn Bitcoin, most sites pay between €0.5 – €10 per finished survey depending on length and survey provider. The best thing is that our top choices for surveys offer low cashout limits starting as low as €0.5 meaning that you can already withdraw crypto after finishing your first survey. All of the sites offering surveys and offerwalls has been tested by IdleBTC and pays out in a timely manner.

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Earning Bitcoin from Faucets

First lets define what a Bitcoin faucet is and how it works, it can be thought of as a reward system that awards you cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Obviously there are many different faucets for different currencies we think all of them are worth stacking. To earn a reward from a faucet you usually have to complete a small task such as clicking links or solving captchas

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Earning Bitcoin from casino faucets

Many online casinos comes with build-in faucets that gives you a micro-reward of cryptocurrency that you can either stack or choose to play fun games with, giving you the chance to earn even more cryptocurrency. And if you are feeling lucky you can try out different crypto games such a Dice, Plinko or Crash offered by many different online Bitcoin gambling venues


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Earning Bitcoin from playing games

Even tough the library is small there are a few games out there that offers you cryptocurrency as a reward for simply playing. IdleBTC has listed the best bitcoin online games that actually pay out.

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Earn btc/doge/eth by playing fun minigames

Best Bitcoin Wallets

To store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies you need a Bitcoin wallet also called crypto wallet, this can be a tough choice for newcomers to crypto we have picked our favorites making the choice easy. The wallets we have chosen supports over 100+ different cryptocurrencies making it easy to store all sorts of different coins such as Bitcoin, Doge, Litecoin, ShibaInu and many more.

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