How to gamble with cryptocurrency

Author: idlebtc
Last Updated:
October 18, 2023

Crypto is the future of money. It’s a new way to make transactions and it has many advantages over traditional currency. You can buy anything with crypto, from pizza to cars. The best part about this is that there are no fees or commissions involved in using cryptocurrency. There are also no limits on how much you can spend. This means that you can gamble as much as you want all while staying pseudonymous If you have any questions regarding gambling with cryptocurrencies, keep reading!


How-to get started gambling with cryptocurrency 2024

If you are completely new to crypto casinos or just cryptocurrency in general this guide is for you, we write this assuming that you do not currently own and cryptocurrency and are one the verge of buying it.

If you already know all this and just want to find a great online casino simply choose one one the links below that corresponds with your current location.

Get your cryptocurrency wallet and exchange setup

The process of buying cryptocurrency is easier than you might think the first step is to setup a account and get it verified on a reputable cryptocurrency-exchange we highly recommend exchanges since they offer low fees for exchanging fiat currency to cryptocurrency.

Top cryptocurrency exchanges 2022

If you are are looking for a reputable cryptocurrency exchange to start with we recommend trying out Binance trusted by over 30 million users. On this platform you can choose to either buy crypto with a credit card or a simple bank transfer.

The next step is to get a crypto wallet (also called cold wallet or offline wallet) some exchanges does not allow transfers between casinos and the exchange this because of this a cold wallet is almost a requirement for gambling or safe long term storage of cryptocurrency.

There are many different cold wallets like Trezor (a hardware wallet) or software wallets we think are good like Trustwallet or Atomic Wallet.

Pick a reputable Bitcoin casino site that offers the best bonuses and promotions

In this step we will take a look different online casinos that accepts cryptocurrency, first of we need to look at your geo location if you are in EU the choices are vast and varied but for some countries with several restrictions like Bitcoin casino in USA there are fewer choices.

Bitcoin casinos are especially attractive because of the lucrative bonuses and retention bonuses offered in almost every case being more generous than their fiat based counterparts. Like BC.Game offering players a staggering 100 % up to 3 BTC while writing that the bonus value is over $60000 insane right! On top of that most crypto based casinos has excellent cashback features giving back between then to thirty percent of your losses.

Obviously there are other important factors to consider like the license of the casino, the availability of different game providers and the reputation. In this case it’s easy just pick any of the casinos listed on IdleBTC for a quick start.

If you have earned your cryptocurrency from mining, playing games, or perhaps micro-tasks that earn you Bitcoin you might want to stay pseudonymous if that is the case we recommend Bitcoin casinos without KYC verification, this lets you gamble on casinos without having to provide any personal information.

Make a crypto deposit

After you finished the previous stages, buying cryptocurrency and choosing a casino you can now proceed to make a deposit on a venue of your choice. This process is quite straight forward the casino provides you with a Bitcoin address or alt-coin address in the deposit section all you have to is copy it (make sure it is correct) double checking never hurts. Choose the amount you want to send and send the transaction from you wallet. Depending on the currency you have chosen and the gas fee deposits are usually finished within minutes.

Start playing on crypto casinos!

Now you are ready to enjoy gambling on Bitcoin casinos, there are tons of games and providers to choose from many of them might be familiar to you if you previously played on fiat-based casinos choose from your favorite games from popular providers Microgaming, NetEnt and Play’n GO among many others.

If you are new to crypto gambling trying out different casinos with small deposits might be a fun way to explore different loyalty bonus systems since cryptocurrency allows you to play with micro amounts less than 0.01 dollar a small amount can get you far with a low amount of currency.