Crypto Faucets

Author: Tom Thompson
Last Updated:
December 18, 2023

Earn different cryptocurrencies by claiming them from a faucet

Earn bitcoin by simply claiming it from faucets

Earn Bitcoin from faucets earn bitcoin

Earn crypto from surveys, watching ads or playing games 100 coins signup bonus

What are cryptocurrency faucets?

Crypto faucets are website or apps that distribute micro-amounts of cryptocurrency as rewards for completing small tasks. The reason its named a “faucet” is because just like a leaky faucet slowly dripping water a crypto faucet also constantly drips cryptocurrency slowly. Of course in the case of crypto faucets a small amount of crypto will be sent to the users wallet instead of racking up the water bill.

How to earn crypto from a faucet?

To earn crypto from faucets one simply needs to complete simple tasks such as completing a captcha, watching a video or complete a puzzle. In some cases you are required to click a outbound link be careful with clicking unknown links unless you know what you are doing.

How much can i earn from a crypto faucets?

Crypto faucets are no gold mines and wont earn you any ludicrous amounts of cryptocurrency quickly. But for completing simple tasks that often only takes one or two clicks it can be a nice addition to your other ways of making cryptocurrency. Often faucets has a minimum withdrawal limit meaning that you have to claim from it a couple of days or sometimes even weeks before you can withdraw the crypto to your own wallet.

What is the purpose of crypto faucets?

The crypto faucets was initially made as a way for different cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin to promote the asset, with the hope that people would invest in it. Giving out small amounts of bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies is a good way to quickly spread it so people are aware of the crypto in question. These days most cryptocurrencies are already established but faucets still remain as a fun way to get started learning about different digital assets in the crypto world.

Best bitcoin faucets

In early 2010 the first bitcoin faucets started popping up rewarding you up to 5 bitcoin(!) for completing simple tasks, at that point bitcoin did not have any monetary value so their only goal was to spread awareness of the asset.

In the beginning there was no cryptocurrency exchanges so buying and selling bitcoin was very difficult, spreading out the currency with faucets was a good incentive to get people interested and drive the adoption of the currency without having to risk any capital and simply experimenting with free faucet claims.

Rewards on bitcoin faucets varies greatly and are always distributed in one-millionth unit of a Bitcoin the usual rewards for a btc faucet is between 0.00000001 satoshi up to 0.00000050 satoshi per claim. On many faucets you can claim rewards multiple times a day making it stack up rather quickly. has all the most popular high paying Bitcoin faucet sites available right now, Betfury, Gain.GG, Freecash are among our favorite faucets. On many sites you can also earn additional BTC by doing simple tasks such as solving puzzles, watching videos or completing surveys if you are diligent user with lots of free time you can make up to $50 in crypto per day (doing these additional tasks not from the faucet).

Best Ethereum faucets

Just like Bitcoin faucets you get reward with micro amounts of Ethereum instead of Bitcoin. Just like with BTC faucets you get rewarded with crypto for finishing small tasks.

Even tough Ethereum is considered a good cryptocurrency we don’t recommend claiming it from faucets because the gas fee for withdrawing is so high that it will eat all potential profits.

Best Litecoin faucets

Litecoin faucets rewards you with micro-amounts of LTC tokens in exchange for finishing small tasks performed on the faucet site. Litecoin is a great asset to farm from faucets since it has a very low gas fee meaning you can withdraw it without any additional cost and the network is lighting quick making the cash outs almost instant.

Gain.GG has a faucet that you can level up by finishing micro-tasks such as watching ads, finishing surveys or even playing games, when it’s maxed out you can earn $1 of Litecoin every day plus any of the additional crypto you earn from tasks. Our record for a day on is almost $40 in Litecoin earned not a bad payout for otherwise wasted idle time.


Earn Bitcoin, BNB, and BFG tokens for betfurys faucet every twenty minutes you can claim each box earning you almost of a $1 per day in crypto for simply clicking and finishing captcha. Betfury is also a online crypto casinos with over 3000 unique games, the site also has a unique staking system for their in-house tokens giving potential to earn lots of different cryptocurrencies. click here to learn more about crypto casino dividends and staking