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Author: Tom Thompson
Last Updated:
December 18, 2023

Earn bitcoin from playing online games

Did you know that you can earn Bitcoin and other altcoins from playing simple games learn more on idlebtc

Rollercoin crypto game

Earn btc/doge/eth by playing fun minigames

How-to earn Bitcoin playing online video games

To earn Bitcoin from playing games you usually have to finish small mini games such as puzzles that rewards you with crypto for winning or finishing a level. You cant expect to earn large amounts of cryptocurrency from playing games just like faucets games pay out micro-rewards meaning that you have to grind for days or sometimes even weeks to collect your reward. The main objective of crypto powered games is to spread awareness of different cryptocurrencies and how they can be used in a fun way.

Cryptocurrency video games – A long term time investment

There are many different types of online crypto video games some like RollerCoin is a BTC mining simulator where you mine coins by playing games and building your own virtual mining rig, games like these earns you more crypto over time if you manage to build up a decent size rig. This is the case with most crypto games the more you play/invest the bigger the rewards are in many cases it can be worth to invest a initial amount of crypto to boost your income to get more over a long period of time. Of course all the games listed are completely free to play and any purchase is optional.

Legit crypto video games that actually pay

There are many online crypto video games that has impossibly high withdrawal thresholds and is boring even tough many of the games on IdleBTC can be considered grindy they all at least pay out when you reach that threshold, and remember that playing games is suppose to be fun and if you can earn a little crypto on the side that is just gravy on top!

Passive crypto from video-games

Most of the online-games listed on IdleBTC are games long-term games that earns you Bitcoin among other cryptocurrencies over time, of course there are other types of crypto games on the market but with way to low earning potential and some of them even outright scams this is particularly common on android phones since App Store has minimum regulations.

P2E (Play To Earn) games in our opinion should should be fun and not be one long advertisement as mentioned above this is extremely common on smart phone earning apps, all of the games we list on IdleBTC are relatively ad free making it a more enjoyable experience overall for players.