10% Surge; BlackRock & Grayscale Amplify ETF Endeavours Amid Market Optimism

Author: idlebtc
Last Updated:
October 20, 2023

On a day marked by tumult in the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin’s price admirably held firm, now standing at $29,893.12, reflecting a resilient market sentiment. This stability is largely seen as a reflection of Fidelity’s recent alterations to its Bitcoin ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) proposal which is believed to have instilled a certain level of confidence among investors.

Fidelity, in its revised proposal, outlined robust strategies aimed at safeguarding customer Bitcoin assets while ensuring transparent communication regarding the associated risks. This move is seen in a positive light as it adds a layer of trust and clarity in a market known for its volatility.

Adding to the optimism, last week saw similar proactive steps being taken by ARK Invest and Invesco. These actions are gradually steering the ongoing dialogues with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) towards a more positive terrain. At present, the investor community is keenly awaiting Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s forthcoming speech at the Economic Club of New York, anticipating insights that could further shape the crypto market dynamics.

The pursuit for Bitcoin ETFs continues to garner attention as they are seen as regulated conduits for investors to delve into Bitcoin price dynamics. Despite the regulatory hurdles, the anticipation for approval is swelling, especially as traditional finance entities are increasingly warming up to the cryptocurrency realm.

Market sentiment remains buoyant, with predictions of significant inflows if the ETFs receive the green light. As Bitcoin remains resilient, Ethereum is seen hovering around the $1,600 mark, albeit the persisting macroeconomic uncertainties that loom large.

BlackRock Elevates Bitcoin ETF Ambitions

In a noteworthy development, BlackRock, recognized as the world’s leading asset manager, updated its application for a Bitcoin ETF to the US SEC. This recent submission acknowledges the growing competition in the Bitcoin ETF arena and elaborates on their product’s pricing and reporting mechanisms, bringing a new level of transparency to the table.

Having initially submitted their ETF application in June 2023, BlackRock refiled in July, embedding a surveillance-sharing agreement with Coinbase and Nasdaq. This latest filing accentuates that the success of their Trust is not a foregone conclusion, particularly in light of the intense competition from other players like Grayscale, a formidable Bitcoin trust fund.

The application sheds light on how the Trust’s price source is determined, providing a level of clarity that was lacking in previous versions. Moreover, BlackRock unveils insights into their benchmark index computation, amalgamating Bitcoin prices from a myriad of exchanges to anchor their ETF.

BlackRock now stands alongside Ark Invest and Fidelity as the third significant contender to rejuvenate its Bitcoin ETF application. This move is interpreted by many industry analysts as a progressive stride towards gaining the much-anticipated endorsement.

The growing buzz surrounding BlackRock’s updated Bitcoin ETF application, along with those of its contemporaries, is believed to be fostering a positive ambiance. This momentum might potentially exert an upward force on Bitcoin’s value, thereby bolstering investor trust.

Grayscale Propels Bitcoin ETF Aspirations Following Legal Milestone

Significantly, Grayscale Investments is thrusting forward with its vision for a Bitcoin ETF, propelled by a favorable recent court verdict.

This verdict marks a pivotal juncture for Grayscale, given their historical legal skirmishes with the SEC over previous ETF endeavours.

With an August judicial victory, where the court rebuked the SEC’s earlier rejection as “arbitrary and capricious,” Grayscale comes back with a rejuvenated application for the SEC’s evaluation.

Currently, Grayscale is employing an S-3 form to register GBTC shares, deviating from the conventional S-1 form, courtesy of GBTC’s recognition as an SEC-reporting entity since January 2020.

For its ETF vision to come to fruition, Grayscale necessitates three pivotal approvals: NYSE Arca’s submission, Regulation M relief, and the SEC’s endorsement of the S-3 form’s validity. Unwavering in its objective, Grayscale is fervent about collaborating with the SEC to prioritize their investors’ welfare.

As a result, Grayscale’s court triumph and its advancing steps on the Bitcoin ETF frontier may escalate investor faith in the cryptocurrency domain, potentially triggering a positive influence on Bitcoin’s valuation.

Bitcoin Price Trajectory

The cryptocurrency market’s dynamic character remains at the forefront, with Bitcoin (BTC/USD) being the focal point of attention today. Bitcoin, the digital behemoth, is trading at $29,893.12 USD, registering a notable uptick since the last reporting period.

Delving deeper into the technical analysis, the 4-hour chart unfolds significant insights. Here’s a breakdown of the critical levels and indicators:

bitcoin price october 20, 2023

The pivot point for Bitcoin is pegged at $28,723.92. On the upside, resistances are arrayed at $29,441.95, succeeded by $30,124.08 and then at $30,842.11.

On the flip side, should the asset tread downwards, immediate support is located at $27,969.98, followed by supports at $27,251.95 and $26,480.07.

Technical Indicators

The RSI (Relative Strength Index) currently stands at 78, indicating an overbought scenario, thereby signaling a word of caution for traders. Typically, an RSI above 50 is seen as a sign of bullish momentum.

Contrarily, the MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) narrates a different tale. While the MACD line is at 44.6000, it trails below the signal line, set at 349.2000, hinting at potential bearishness in the near term.

Regarding the 50 EMA (50-Day Exponential Moving Average), it’s priced at $28,023.84. With Bitcoin trading above this level, the short-term trend is inclined bullish. Bitcoin Price Chart – Source: Tradingview

The overall trend hints at a bearish bias beneath the $29,250 mark, but this narrative could transition to a bullish one if prices surge above.

In the short term, if Bitcoin sustains its momentum above the crucial $29,250 threshold, it’s plausible to envisage it challenging the immediate resistance stationed at $29,441.95.