How to earn dividends (passive bitcoin) from playing on casinos

What is casino dividends?

Did you know that some crypto casinos offers dividends for playing on their platform the concept is similar to staking crypto, but in this case you will get a percentage of all the crypto that players has previously lost on the casino. In this comprehensive how-to we will go trough everything that has to do with casino dividends how you can get started earning passive cryptocurrency from online Bitcoin casinos.

Dividends and online bitcoin casino dividends explained

Lets start of with a short explanation of what dividends means in a classical sense it refers to the distribution of cash or stocks to shareholders of a company.

How Bitcoin casino dividends work

In the case of crypto casinos dividends/staking is simply a pool of accumulated player losses, a certain percentage of those losses is added to the pool.
Most casino has multiple different cryptocurrencies that all count towards the total value of the pool.

A percentage of the pool is then divided daily between holders of the casinos in-house cryptocurrency token. the more in-house crypto tokens you have managed to collect the bigger your part of dividends is.

How to earn in-house tokens for dividends

Most casinos that offers dividends to players does it trough a in-house crypto token native to the casino, the tokens or in-house cryptocurrency is earned by playing crypto games such as dice, plinko, crash or just regular slots machines. Each bet made on the casino counts towards farming these in-house tokens.

Best strategies for wagering and collecting in-house currency for dividends

crypto dividends

Each bet on casinos with dividends earns you more in-house tokens, that is why you would preferably want something low risk that you can play long term to earn as much in-house tokens as possible. Note that there is no foolproof strategy and you will start loosing eventually. So what IdleBTC recommends is playing on a strict budget with a loss limit so you have a better chance of recovering as much as possible when you inevitably have a loss streak.

How to earn in-house tokens quickly

The in-house currency farming rate is dependent on total bet size, bigger bet equals more tokens we propose to find a happy middle ground where you keep a healthy balance while still farming in-house tokens at a decent rate.

How to get started earning dividends from crypto casinos

Start earning cryptocurrency quick start guide

  1. Choose a casino offering dividends below
  2. Sign up, crypto casinos seldom asks for details
  3. Start wagering and earning in-house tokens by playing games with cryptocurrencies

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Crypto casinos with dividends conclusion

If you enjoy playing online casinos we would definitively recommend playing on casinos that has a dividends systems, we are of the opinion that it gives a much higher value to players than other platforms since you mine in-house tokens with every bet.

Having tried out a fair few casinos that currently offers dividends it’s a nice way to supplement your crypto earnings, just make sure to play carefully and it will payoff in the long run, earning you a plethora of different cryptocurrencies daily with no effort.